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M8 Sea lancers Club Dive at Makua.jpg

The Sea Lancer's Diving Club originated in 1956.  A group of U.S. Air Force Airmen approached the Hickam AFB Commanding Officer about starting a club for practitioners of the ever-increasingly popular sport of SCUBA diving.  The base allocated a space and provided sponsorship for this club in an era where there was no real formalized training for this sport outside classes offered at the YMCA.  The Sea Lancers Diving Club began 10 years before PADI and has been a source of comradery and education for scuba divers coming to Oahu ever since.  Today, over sixty years later, we are proud to claim that we are the oldest active military dive club in the United States, and the oldest dive club in the state of Hawaii.

This page is dedicated to the unique history of the Sea Lancers Dive Club, as well as the previous members that have been exploring the reefs around Oahu together since 1956. Below you'll find historical photos of different dives and club events that were submitted by previous members.

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