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Bottom Times Newsletter (4th QTR, 2022)

As we begin to close out 2022, we, as your Board of Directors, would like to thank you for the truly amazing year that we had. With the end of Covid restrictions early this year, we truly grew as a Club and made some amazing things happen.

We started out the year unsure of what was going to lie ahead, and what we would, and would not be allowed to do following two years of restrictions due to Covid. Fortunately, calmer heads prevailed, and we were able to gather as a group, dive together, dine together, and enjoy living on this amazing island. We formalized a partnership with Ocean Defenders Alliance and, over the course of the year, pulled over 10 tons of toxic trash out of the water – over 18,000 pounds of tires, 1700 pounds of trash, and easily over 1000 pounds of lead. We raised over $1300 for the American Cancer Society at Dive for Life in August, and many of us joined the Sea Lancers team supporting the REEF virtual 5K, raising money and awareness for ocean reef conservation efforts.

Around the Club we were able to put 75 new steel tanks in member’s hands at significant discount off retail prices. This tank purchase was unprecedented on the island – thanks to Justin with Aloha Scuba for facilitating. We also completed a huge work-day, fixing some problem areas around the Club that have been allowed to fester for years. We have committed to both our membership and the base to take ownership of our facility and work hard to bring it back to fighting shape – and we are truly making good on that promise with the help of our dedicated membership. Finally, we have had several great events with our membership. Friday/Saturday dinners, Club dives, Superbowl party, Thursday night dives, and countless hours hanging out, doing what the Club is designed for – communing with other divers, sharing stories and finding new dive buddies.

Mahalo for an amazing year!

In this edition of Bottom Times:

- New Member Welcome

- Club Updates

- Tank Care and Maintenance

- Dive Gear Notices and Recalls

- Upcoming Events

4Q2022 Bottom Times
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